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Mortgage Notes Acquizition

If you are receiving payments from the real estate you sold, we would like to purchase those payments for cash. You do not have to wait for years to collect your money, we can offer you cash for your notes.


These are the reasons to sell your notes:
- Reduce your worries of late payments, unpaid insurance, or costly foreclosure.
- If you are liquidating your estate, selling a note makes distributing assets simple and easy.
- We will give you cash now to pay off high-interest debt or increase your retirement savings.
- You will no longer have to annually file IRS Form 1098, this is the mortgage interest statement that you must provide to the payer and the IRS each January.


All the terms remain the same when we purchase your note. Your note-buyer still will be able to build their credit, as their monthly payments will be reported to the credit reporting agencies.


We are offering a partial purchase option when you can sell us an agreed upon amount of future payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash now. Then after we receive those payments, the note will be yours again.

We offer professional service, close quickly, and get you your money fast. Contact us today for a free evaluation. 

We also buy:

- Privately held notes
- Structured settlements and annuities.

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