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Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Lawsuit funding and advance payments are available for individuals and businesses with pending court cases of $20,000 or more. If you lose your case, you do not owe us anything. All fees are payable after the settlement is reached.

We can advance you on a variety of cases:

  • auto accidents,

  • personal injuries,

  • medical malpractice,

  • commercial litigation,

  • discrimination,

  • product liability,

  • pharmaceutical lawsuits,

  • 3rd party workers compensations, and many more.

Pre-settlement and post-settlement funding is also available. 

Law Firm Funding

Law firm funding as attorney loans for contingency fee law firms is available. We offer this kind of financing to help law firms keep even funding throughout the year. We work with one lawyer firms and larger multiple lawyer firms. The purpose of this type of funding is for business-related expenses, such as expert witnesses.

Settled Cases with Annuity Type Payments

If your case is settled and you are receiving periodic payments, or a structured settlement, you may be eligible for a full or partial purchase. You will receive your cash now instead of waiting for years. This service is available for Attorneys who receive periodic payments on settled cases also.

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