Equipment Lease Finaning

Virtually, every business can benefit from leasing. Also, it is possible to lease any type of equipment today, new or used. More companies choose equipment lease instead of purchasing it. In most cases, our client will lease up to $75,000 in equipment only by filling out a one-page credit application. These deals usually take as little as three working days.

Leasing is really nothing more than an alternate form of equipment financing. In leasing deal, the lessor (owner) purchases the equipment from a vendor on behalf of the lessee (user). The lessee maintains possession and usage of the equipment. He provides insurance for the equipment against theft or damage. And the lessee pays a monthly user fee to the lessor.

At the end of the lease, the lessee can purchase the equipment (usually for $1.00) or give it back to the lessor and begin a new lease, or simply walk away.