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    We provide you with the most needed business tool. It's money.
​Inter-American Financing specializes in commercial loan brokerage and grant proposals development.


Business Loans
We understand the importance of financial security for your business. For small and medium-sized businesses, financial security means an opportunity for expansion and growth. We help businesses with their day-to-day needs, purchase of new inventory, fill more orders, and pay suppliers.

We are a finance broker and provide sound financial tools for small and medium-sized companies to fund their growth. Inter-American Financial, Inc. provides tailored financing for each of our clients, even for those that may not qualify for financing elsewhere.

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Grants for Nonprofit Organizations
Keep checking this page for new information on request for proposals from leading foundations and government sources.
Nonprofit Organizations

If you like to help your community, provide services to the public, and open new jobs, plan on a new charity. We will take you through it. Opening a charity would be a great place to start … and we will help you through it!


There are a number of focuses that your charity can have - education, arts, health, environment, and more! Whichever emphasis you have in mind, it is sure to be impactful.


By creating public services and providing resources, your nonprofit can provide the relief and information that many individuals need to thrive. Not only will it benefit the individuals that your organization works directly with, but it will also have the capability of beautifying the surrounding area, creating jobs, aiding in ending severe poverty, etc.


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We will help you complete all necessary settings to have a public tax-exempt charity and take advantage of benefits. You may start with sending us your name and contact info. 

Charitable organizations service public with a range of services and programs. Share your ideas with us and start forming your own projects.

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